Family Dispute Resolution

It is not uncommon to have disagreements within a family

However, where these disputes escalate they can cause unimaginable damage to the family unit and can make life difficult for all those involved and everyone around them.

At Horizon we have mediated family disputes and helped to restore the balance in a variety of family situations, for example:

  • Between teenage and adult children, and their parents
  • Between adult siblings where care of the elderly parents was in dispute
  • Between estranged family members
  • Where inheritance issues were involved
  • Between grandparents and other family members
  • Between a spouses and their in laws

We have also assisted in situations with blended families where a couple come together and seek to integrate their children from previous relationships into one household.

To find out more about how mediation can help to restore the balance, please contact us at Horizon Mediation for an informal conversation.

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Where a family dispute threatens to become a real issue, it is advisable to contact a mediator who can assist from a position of neutrality. What can seem intractable from the inside can ultimately be resolvable with the help of a trained communication professional.

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