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10 Reasons to Mediate

1. You save money

Research shows it’s typically 50% cheaper to use mediation alongside a legal advisor, than a legal advisor alone.

2. It’s quicker and more convenient

You book sessions when it suits you. An agreement can be reached quickly, we can set aside a day for mediating property and finance issues. Court cases can take over a year from issuing to conclusion.

3. You’re in control

Why let a Judge decide what’s best for you or your children? Mediation enables you to maintain control of yours and your children’s future. 

4. Your privacy is respected

Mediation is confidential and without prejudice which means discussions can’t be used against you later. It offers you both a safe space in which to discuss issues and explore options.

5. It’s fair and impartial

As mediators we don’t take sides. We ensure the sessions are fair and you are each heard. We make sure any power imbalances are addressed, and information is shared and explained so you both have full information throughout the process.

6. It’s voluntary

You are not required to come to mediation and can leave at any time and at any stage of the process.

7. Your children benefit

Research indicates prolonged parental conflict harms children. Mediation enables separated couples to move from exes to co-parents. Communication improves in even the most challenging relationships.

8. Tailor made arrangements

You are able to make decisions which are tailored to your family’s needs. You can discuss issues that you can’t raise at Court.

9. Child Inclusive

Children can speak to a mediator if you both wish, away from your mediation sessions. So your children have an opportunity of speaking openly and freely and don’t bottle up any worries. We will feedback, with permission, what they think, to help you both in your decision making. We are trained to talk to children.

10. Mediation works

About 80% of mediation cases settle. Mediation is a process for separated couples who need to work together to reach agreement but can’t. Mediators are trained to facilitate communication and help clients focus on the issues they face.  We have resolved many seemingly intractable disputes.

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