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Bespoke Mediation

Horizon Mediation offers a bespoke mediation service designed for you, whatever your needs and the nature of your dispute: family, civil, or in the workplace.


We can provide:

  • A one day mediation
  • A series of half day sessions
  • Sessions with each of you on different days 
  • The process supported by your legal advisers 
  • Involvement of your solicitors on the day of the mediation
  • A binding agreement at the end of the mediation 

Whatever works for you

Family Cases

Many clients facing the upset and anxiety of divorce and separation say “I just want this over.”

We believe that many divorcing and separating couples, particularly at the outset of their separation, like the security of instructing solicitors.

This is not only because they want advice in an area which is unfamiliar but also because they need an interface between them and their former spouse/partner.

We know that, particularly at the beginning of a separation, emotions run high and couples experience a lot of hurt and anger.

Sadly the litigation process is not a quick fix and comes at a high financial and emotional cost. Where children are concerned parents can run the risk of losing their ability to communicate with each other, the casualties of which are often their children.

We offer a cost effective resolution of your property and finance disputes. We offer Hybrid mediation where you can bring your lawyers into the mediation if you wish.


Civil Cases

Disputes in business or between extended family can create frictions that everyone would rather have resolved.

No one is rewarded for tying up funds in litigation which can have damaging repercussions.

Conflict in the commercial sphere is uneconomical and watching business and personal relationships flounder can be draining.

Our Bespoke Mediation Service is designed to help you work through issues including:

  • Probate and Inheritance
  • Claims in the Workplace
  • Business Disputes
  • Contracts and Leases
  • Land and Property

As experienced family mediators we would wholeheartedly endorse this process as a way of reaching an agreement, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our bespoke mediation services.


Horizon Mediation
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