Child Arrangements Mediation

Many people ask us about who gets “custody” of the children

There is no such thing as “custody” in English law. The whole idea of one parent having all the rights around custody and residence is no more.

In mediation we work with parents to look at what arrangements are made, and how those will determine the periods of times that children will spend with each parent.

These conversations are about what the arrangements are that you make for your children. Sometimes the conversations are not easy to have and this is where mediation comes in 


The law now considers that all those with parental responsibility have equal rights and equal responsibilities for the care of their children. This does not necessarily mean that time must be spent equally. It will depend on what works for the children.

Parents often think that a court order is the only way forward in resolving disagreements where you want different things for your children. Mediation has proven time and time again that this is simply not the case. We can help you and support you to have those difficult conversations with the focus on the wellbeing of your children at all times.

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