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Mediating Safely

“I can’t be in a room with my ex.”

As long standing Family Mediation Council accredited mediators we are trained to manage conflict. Our job is to hold the space between you and your ex. partner, to ensure you feel safe and empowered to have the conversations you each feel you need to have; to feel able to express the things that matter to you, a safe space where you can speak and listen.

When lines of communication have broken down and you are each on the end of abusive, angry, accusing texts and messages, the thought of facing each other in the same room can feel overwhelming and often frightening.

We understand your concerns

We aren’t here to tell you what to do or what to say but we are there to help you both say what you need to say safely and constructively. Our objective is to help you both start to think about shared goals, and a more effective way of communicating them in the future. To allow you a space in which to build trust between you which allows you to work together productively.


In some cases it’s not possible to be together in the same room

Some examples of where it is not possible to mediate in the same room together are:

  • A Court Order preventing one person contacting another 
  • Cases involving Social Services and safeguarding issues

In these cases we use what’s called Shuttle Mediation. Where you are in separate rooms. We can manage this process remotely too so that you don’t have any contact with your ex. partner during the mediation, even online.

Your safety in mediation is paramount and we are alert to this throughout the mediation process. If we have concerns we will separate you – including during a session – where we consider it necessary, and also where we feel it would help progress discussions.

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