Jo Chawla LL.B (Hons) FMCA

Watford, West & Central London and Oxford

With an open and non-adversarial approach, Joanna aims to help clients find a way through the ending of their relationship working through issues of child arrangements and finances.

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No one enters into any relationship intending to separate and the changes separation brings about can often feel overwhelming and frightening. Confronted with court, clients can often become entrenched and positional and working together gets lost.

The mediation process allows clients a space in which to discuss the often difficult, both practical and emotional issues that confront them as they separate, to work at their own pace and to make decisions together for their family, decisions they know will work because they have made them together. With her roots historically in the world of litigation, Joanna knows what will and what will not be acceptable to a court in clients’ decision making.

As an accredited commercial mediator Joanna is able to offer clients alternative bespoke models of mediation. Not all clients want the family model of mediation and Joanna is able to adapt the process to suit clients’ needs, time scales, budgets and if clients would like, a greater solicitor involvement in the mediation process.

Joanna qualified as a PPC with Resolution in 2018, supporting and supervising fellow family mediators in their family mediation practices. She is a member of Resolution, FMA and the CMC

She currently works in West London and Oxford


Jo Chawla

What Jo’s clients say

“Many thanks to Jo who dealt with what was still a fairly raw situation. Taking the time to listen and understand whilst still being very professional but very approachable!”

“Jo did an excellent job. It kept the heat out of the situation and avoided court proceedings.”

Thanks to you for facilitating a solution, which was probably the optimum achievable in the circumstances.”

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