How Mediation Works …

Your mediator will explain the mediation process fully to you in the initial one-to-one meeting (the “MIAM”) . Your mediator will also answer any questions you may have.

Broadly speaking, the mediator will work hard to create the write conditions for your mediation. She will ask you questions in the MIAM to enable her to work out with you, what the best format for the meeting will be.

In general we follow this structure in each mediation meeting

  • Reminder of the Principles governing the mediation process
  • Establishing the “Ground Rules” , which will enable you to speak freely and to hear each other in a way that works for you
  • Establishing the Agenda
    Identifying Options
  • Establishing preferred outcomes that meet the needs of the mediation participants and any children involved.
  • The Mediator captures the proposals in writing

How the 5 stages of mediation will work for you

Step One

You get the opportunity to put your own views and make clear your own perspective without interruption. Mediation provides an opportunity for you to communicate about feelings, facts and ideas in a safe environment. We identify the issues together and establish a mutual Agenda.

Step Two

You will communicate and negotiate either directly or through the mediators. Mediation is a constructive, step-by-step process, facilitated by impartial communication professionals who are trained in conflict resolution. We support your communication and assist you in exploring the issues.

Step Three

We work with you as you identify existing options. We also help you to create and consider other options which may not have been previously raised.

Step Four

Together we test different ideas and develop the options which you have raised. We ask whether you want to add in some detail where possible, making general ideas and options more concrete, measurable and defined. This avoids another set of uncertainties arising at a later stage.

Step Five

We work towards helping you both to work out which of the options works best, leading to the agreement which will enable you to move forward with your lives.

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