Using a Solicitor During Mediation

At Horizon, we understand how good legal advice can help to promote realistic outcomes for the people we work with.

Throughout the mediation process, your solicitor will be able to advise and guide you in terms of your legal rights and obligations.

The conventional family mediation model allows for a set of meetings over a period of time. This enables you to take advice about proposals raised in the session in between meetings. You can then return, prepared to take things further with the benefit of legal input from your solicitor.

Some people prefer to attend mediation with solicitors present. This often happens when clients opt for our one day fast-track mediation model. The benefit of having the solicitor in the meeting is clear: they can advise you in real time and even draw up the heads of agreement at the end of the meeting, which can speed up the process.

If you do not have a solicitor, we will give you legal information about the matters that you are discussing. We will be unable to advise you but we will do our best to support your discussions with up to date legal information.

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