What is a MIAM?

A MIAM is a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. It is the first time you will meet the mediator who will help you through the mediation process. You may feel anxious, nervous, or unsure about starting mediation but a MIAM is a gentle and safe introduction to explain the purpose and procedures of mediation and how it can help you as an alternative to court proceedings. 

Usually, these initial meetings just involve you and the mediator. They are important because they give the mediator the opportunity to find out your background history and gives you the opportunity to express what your aims and expectations are and what is important to you. It allows the mediator to consider if your case is right for mediation, as not all cases are suitable. It has to be the right time for you and it has to be the right process for you. Alternative processes will be outlined to ensure you make the choice that suits you best.

Our aim is to put you at your ease and you are encouraged to ask any questions which will enable you to understand and feel comfortable with the mediation process. We will discuss how best to contact and invite your former partner to mediation in the hope that they will engage in the process. They will then attend a MIAM which will follow the same format as your MIAM.

In some cases, you may feel that you both want to start the process together and attend a joint MIAM. We will still see you separately for a short time and then together when all the purpose and procedures of mediation will be outlined.

Whichever form of MIAM you choose the aim will be to follow up with a first joint mediation session at a time that suits you both.

COVID 19 Lockdown Update

During the current period we are offering a range of online meeting options. You’re completely free to choose the remote meeting option that works best for you including Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts

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